Women’s Corner – November 2016: A Women’s view of the Back Road Century

by Deborah Turton, Women’s Ride Coordinator

IT WAS AWESOME. That was easy.

I could mention that I liked the running water at the port-a-johns. It can come in very helpful for some of us women. We definitely needed more of the aforementioned facilities at the registration site and first rest stop. That covers the biological differences between men and women.

Maybe some hair stylists in the women’s locker room at the end. Or perhaps some jewelry for sale. Or make up. Or purses. That covers the stereotypes.

In all seriousness, what struck me was just how much fun it was. I am, after all, many things, but I definitely am a cyclist. When I’m out cycling, I enjoy the ride. Hopefully, like most everyone else out there on the BRC. I write about the intersection of women, society and cycling. Sometimes it’s an uncomfortable place to be. Sometimes it’s a great place to be. The BRC was one of those great places. There were lots of groups of cyclists with lots of different types of people in those groups. Cyclists were joking at the rest stops, talking as they passed each other, helping each other up the hills, connecting at the party. I didn’t count the number of women I saw or think any deep thoughts about human equality. I just had fun. In reality, I went out with a friend who’s faster than I am, so I spent most of the time concentrating on keeping up. It worked, most of the time.

In conclusion, this woman thoroughly enjoyed the BRC. I’m hoping that everyone else, regardless of gender, did also.

Just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten about women and bicycling, I’ve scheduled the last women’s ride of the year. Ladies, check out the ride on November 5 on the Western Maryland Trail.


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