Meet the Neal D. Molloy Volunteer Award Winner: LINDA BORST-KOLKO

Linda Borst-Kolko was surprised but pleased to have won, saying “I volunteer for the club, but so do many others so I am humbled to be in such prestigious company! For me, it is an honor to receive recognition from my peers.”

Linda is a proud D/C ride leader, she is the Maryland C ride coordinator, and is a current Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee. Of her ExCom experience, Linda says it’s a pleasure to work with “the outstanding leadership of our Chair Extraordinaire, Matt Birnbaum. Matt and our ExCom work so well together that it is a pleasure to be part of the team. We have our disagreements but Matt keeps us civil and we always resolve our differences to the betterment of the club.”

Linda joined the club in the mid-90’s after hearing about it through a friend. In those pre-internet days she says she found the club’s phone number in the weekend section of the Washington Post. “I called up, joined, and went on my first D ride from Teddy Roosevelt Island to Alexandria for lunch on the Mount Vernon Trail-a perfect D ride!” After that she started going on D rides mostly in Maryland and DC, including the famous Sunday picnic ride out of the Veirs Mill Rec Center. “I was very impressed with the ride leaders, especially  Chris  Moriarity, our MD D ride coordinator, the late Al Jones and Jack Marney, all of whom mentored me to  become a ride leader. In fact, I still use some of their cue sheets for my regular rides.” In addition, Linda has volunteered for the past several Back Roads Centuries and found it a great way to meet other members outside her ride class.

Her favorite ride to lead is her Annapolis ride which takes the bridge into Annapolis where riders sit at the dock and have lunch. Her favorite out of town PPTC ride is a toss up between the Spring Thaw in Cambridge and the Shenandoah Valley weekends. “They’re very different terrain, but both are well run events managed by our fabulous volunteers!”

Linda stopped riding with PPTC for about 18 months when her late husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer but about nine months after he died, she decided to go on a ride. “When I showed up, I knew 10 of the12 people on the ride, all of whom greeted me warmly. I felt right at home and started leading D/C rides again and have only increased my participation in club activities.”

Outside of biking Linda is very involved in the 2016 Presidential elections so her bike goals this year are more modest.  “I hope to do a Metric Century, lead at least 2 PPTC rides a month, attend the Spring Thaw and Shenandoah Valley club weekends, volunteer at the Farm Tour and manage a rest stop at the Back Roads Century.” (Ed. note: That’s quite an “off year, Linda!!!) She sends a special thanks to fellow Club member Vic Caldarola whose upgrade of her bike “will have me climbing more hills!”

Potomac Pedalers thanks Linda and all of the other volunteers that make the club what it is!

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