Women’s Corner

by Deborah Turton

This month I’m going all out trying to incorporate the key stereotypes of women. If you check the ride listing for the women’s ride on June 19th, you’ll see I’m combining fashion – because women are always supposed to be interested in clothes, chocolate – a woman’s favorite food, and an easy ride – we women aren’t supposed to want to get sweaty. I’ll include wine with another ride. I figure we’re old enough to have some fun with these stereotypes. I, for one, am more of a spandexnista than a fashionista. I would really appreciate some help from some of you fashionistas on looking good while cycling. My idea of looking good is making sure my socks and jersey match. Maybe I’ll go wild and wear lipstick for the ride. Whether you have bike fashion tips or not, I’d like to invite all the ladies to come out. It should be a slightly silly and fun event. Some of the trails do have hills, so be prepared.

We are working with the Rockville Bike Hub on a women’s basic maintenance class, June 18, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. In this three hour clinic you will have an opportunity to work on your own bike paired with another women in a class size of no more than 8 women. The Bike Hub will provide stands and tools, you bring your bike, a desire to learn, and always helpful, a good sense of humor. The clinic will assume no previous experience with bike repair.  The classes cost $30 per person. The money will go to supporting the Bike Hub and their work on building a community bike repair center. Check out their great work (rockvillebikehub.org) and visit them at the Rockville Farmer’s Market most Saturdays.

Hope to see you all June 18th and 19th. Now, where’s that lipstick…

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