Urgent Call for Volunteers for the Back Roads Century

Urgent Call for Volunteers for the @PotomacPedalers Back Roads CenturyBox_-_BRC

We need you… the Back Roads Century is just a week away in Shepherdstown on Sunday,  Sept. 18, and we  need volunteers to help make our ride the best ever.  In gratitude for your help, volunteers get free registration, a free post-ride meal and, of course, a free half-day of riding on the course.

Please go to this link to signup.

The #BackRoadsCent Ride is not only our Club’s annual flagship event but also one of the premier rides on the Atlantic Coast. About 2,000 bicyclists will be participating, with routes ranging from 27 to 100 miles.  We make their journeys possible with hundreds of us volunteering at this event.

We are at a critical point, as we still need about more volunteers.  We particularly need volunteers for the following:

  • Transportation: We need volunteers to rent and drive 5 trucks loading and ferrying rest stop food on Saturday; and unloading and returning the trucks on Sunday.  
  • Rest stop managers/ambassadors: We need a Manager for Jefferson Fairgrounds + one more  volunteer there and second shifts for Henry (2) and Yankauer (1).  Second shift managers coordinate loading of their truck.
  • Road guards:  People who help rider cross busy intersections safety.  
  • SAG support: We need volunteers to ride along with the local SAG drivers.
  • Bellevue:  We need volunteers to hand out jerseys and t-shirts.
  • Clean-up at Bellevue: We need to help with the post-ride party clean-up.  

Please go to this link to signup.

For questions, contact:
Debi Strong, email: debistrong711@gmail.com
Linda Kolko, email: 127lkolko@gmail.com


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