Women’s Corner – July 2016

by Deborah Turton

The women’s bike clinic at the Rockville Bike Hub (rockvillebikehub.org) was so popular, we’re planning on holding another one. As details come we’ll let you know. The last one filled up so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to send out any information. Clearly, this is filling a need in our biking community.

On August 13th, we’re having a bike ride/wine tasting/fundraiser for WABA’s Women & Bicycle program at Rockland Winery. We’ll offer a 25-30 mile ride and a 10-20 mile ride. All of you ladies are encouraged to join us. You’ll have to prepay so we can give Rockland winery a head count. You can also order a pizza for after the wine tasting. Be sure to look for full details in next month’s Pedal Patter. If you’d like to help out with this or with any women’s ride, please let me know (d.turton@verizon.net).

Finally, guys, cut us women a break. Twice today on my commute, I had ultimately harmless, but nerve wracking experiences with men. One guy squeezed his car next to me and rolled down his window to talk to me. Face it, guys, when you do that, we women don’t think “Gee, what nice thing is this fine gentleman going to say to me.” Nope, we’ve all experienced enough harassment that we first think “(Unprintable)” when that happens. On the way home a male cyclist passed me and put his arm out as if to pat me. I sure didn’t think “Gee is this nice stranger going to pat me on the back to encourage me as I’m biking along.” I thought “(Unprintable) he’s going to manhandle me.” He didn’t, but that’s what women have been taught by society to expect from unknown men approaching them. So, give us a break, respect our personal space, speak out against men harassing women, and don’t do it yourselves. Finally, thanks to all the guys who do these things.

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