Notes from the Vice Chair

by Martine Palmiter

This year’s first Executive Committee (ExCom) meeting in February welcomed new faces. After introductions, we got right to work. First the most urgent items were discussing the Strategic Initiatives: Communications and Business (Pedal Patter and social media, business sponsors); Website overhaul, Volunteer Recruitment, Ride Leaders, and Member Benefits; Grants, Fundraising and Outreach; the Back Roads Century, and Financial Sustainment and Governance.  As these teams form and work, we welcome any volunteers on these teams.

Recent News Updates—

Bike to Work Day—May 20, 2016. The first 15,000 registered get t-shirts. Sponsored by the Council for Government and Washington Area Bicycle Association, try biking to one of the 80 plus “pit stops” with food, information, and camaraderie. Just go to the Metro Bike to Work website to find pit stops and to register to ride:

This year Potomac Pedalers will be represented at 6 sites of the in the DC Metro area, an increase from 4 sites in 2015.   At each site PPTC participates in we will have a table with Club information and handouts, and talk to the riders as they come through. (See article!)

Back Roads Century—September 17-18, 2016 Shepherdstown, WVA, Be There!

This will be our second year welcomed to this exquisite riding locale, in a friendly college town, and again with Saturday free rides and events to the historic sites in Antietam and Harper’s Ferry, and Sunday’s century ride, multiple length rides, and post ride food and celebration. This is our flagship event, and we hope will become as popular as ever.  This year we are hiring an event planner who will coordinate our rides with town events. As always, we are looking for volunteers and also two compensated Managers–one for Volunteer Oversight, as well as a Logistics Manager, who will work with the Club and the Event Planner and local authorities This will be a great experience for all involved. Join us!!  Contact me if interested in submitting an interest statement.

New Website Coming in 2016!—After months of review and competitive bids, Potomac Pedalers hired Sandglass Systems to develop our website map, content, and features that are compatible with our Club’s needs for visibility and ease of use.  One of the first priorities will be to construct a workable, easy to use Ride Calendar for ride leaders to input rides, and then a Member interface. As well, Sandglass will construct a Cue Sheet Library, an online HTML Pedal Patter and library, and construct e-commerce for events and our store. Our main consultant working on this contract is a member and fellow cyclist. We’ll be keeping the membership abreast of how things are proceeding so look for updates in the coming months. We hope to roll out the new website by the end of the year. Thanks to all who worked so hard on this!

Black Hills Ride June 11, 2016—Expect the usual Harold Goldstein touches, with excellent rides and the pavilion potluck. Preliminary information in this issue; complete details to follow next month!

So many great things happening in our Club this month and beyond. One last thing…be sure to check out the annual multi-class “Train to Chesapeake Rides” from Harwood, MD on Saturday, May 28. The scenery is only beat by the camaraderie of so many cyclists! See the ride schedule for details.


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