Drunk Driver Sentenced for Negligent Homicide

by Peter Klosky

The sentencing of Catherine Lyon took a dramatic turn when Calvert County prosecutor Andrew Rappaport placed 13 red plastic cups on the table, representing the 13 shots of vodka in the pint she drank before taking the wheel of her car, to tragic result. The effect of the demonstration was powerful enough to make cyclists in attendance nauseous.
Shortly after a swift arrest by the police, prosecutors levied charges against Ms. Lyon, 62, for two counts of negligent homicide by motor vehicle; she pled guilty. As a consequence of her actions which killed tandem couple Lynne Rosenbusch, 58, and John Fauerby, 64, she was given a sentence of twenty years, with all but three years suspended. Her three years will be served in a local jail. Upon release, she will be on probation for five years and serve 1000 hours of community service. She is not allowed to contact the family of the deceased. If she is granted a driver’s license in future by the Maryland DMV, the court sentence established she must have an alcohol-sensing interlock device in her car, for life.


Prosecutor confers with family and cycling advocates post-sentencing. From right to left: Janice Creamer, PPTC; Andrew Rappaport, Prosecutor; Jon Korin, BIKEAAA; Lynne’s mother; Member of John’s family; Arlene Rosenbusch, Lynne’s sister.

Victim impact statements were read by the prosecutor and directly presented to the circuit judge that levied the sentence, Gregory Wells. Cyclists, as well as family of Lynne and John, wore yellow ribbons or neon bicycle pins in a dignified show of solidarity.   A letter from John’s brother was read, as was a letter from William Smith, cyclist. Lynne’s sister Arlene spoke, followed by Potomac Pedalers member Janice Creamer. Jon Korin, president of Bicycle Advocates for Annapolis and Anne Arundel (BIKEAAA), spoke so eloquently that the judge asked his organization to advise the court as to how best to spend the required 1000 hours. Please consider registering for the October 16 Lifeline 100 ride in support of safety advocacy.



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