Linda Tischer Lifetime Award Winner: BETH MERRICKS

The Linda Tischer Lifetime Award is given to a member who has been a member for at least ten years and who has demonstrated leadership, selfless dedication, effective contribution, and personal commitment in the support of PPTC interests, goals, and ideals over a number of years. This award bestows a Lifetime Membership.

Beth has been a member of Potomac Pedalers since 1988 and was awarded for her decades of work on the Message Committee, her yearly work at the Annual Meeting’s registration table, and for volunteering at the Club’s century since the mid-80s. She quietly but enthusiastically volunteers her time every month, year after year, to support and sustain the Club.

In spite of her years of service to the Club, Beth “was very, very surprised” to have won and feels honored and humbled to have been selected saying, “There are so many volunteers in the Club who deserve this award!” This award is named after Linda Tischer, whom Beth remembers as “a wonderful person and tireless volunteer.” Beth says she “was fortunate to have known Linda and always looked forward to seeing her and riding with her. She was a wonderful person and a tireless volunteer. I miss her and I know the Club misses her! I really don’t see myself in her league.”

A member since the mid-80’s, Beth said she got involved with Potomac Pedalers because she believes in getting involved and giving back to organizations and causes that mean a lot to her. “I’ve met many people and made many friends through my association with PPTC.”

Beth says, “I’ve also been on many great rides over the years! PPTC bike rides have taken me to places I would never have gone otherwise.” She doesn’t have a favorite ride but spends her time riding  in Maryland or Virginia, close to DC, or in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties and enjoys the Century, Farm Tour, and the Lewes Weekend in particular. Beth also enjoys the Club non-biking events, such as the Tour de France Party in July and the Volunteers’ Party and the Annual Meeting. “I enjoy these events because I get to see member I may not see on rides.” Unfortunately this year because the snow rescheduled the Annual Meeting, Beth couldn’t attend on the new date such an anomaly! Beth is “sorry she had to miss the Annual Meeting this year” and so are we!

As such a long-time member, Beth has seen the Club change and evolve. “I’ve seen a lot of changes since the 1980’s, but the Club is substantially the same. There have always been wonderful, committed Club members!”

Potomac Pedalers is lucky to have Beth and thanks her for her years of service — a truly remarkable gift and we are the richer for it. Beth and all of our volunteers that make the Club what it is.



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