Ride Report: Brewfest Rides in support of the Workhouse Arts Center

by Dave Helms

@PotomacPedalers Ride Leaders worked very hard to create and check-ride 5 new routes from the Workhouse/Vulcan start in support of the Brewfest on August 13th.  http://www.potomacpedalers.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=841526

Brewfest Ride Leaders:

  • Greg Basheda, PPTC
  • Rob Delach, Active Prince WIlliam
  • Len Wilkinson, PPTC
  • Jeff Breunig, PPTC
  • Stephen Krill, PPTC

Potomac Pedalers, Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (FABB) and Active Prince William teamed-up to support the Workhouse Art Center Brewfest, a fund-raising event for the Art Center. We created and led rides to Burke Lake Park (ice cream!), beautiful Mason Neck, cosmopolitan Prince William Tour of Towns, and the mysterious Prince William Forest Park.

Ride Partner Links:
Brewfest: http://www.workhousearts.org/workhouse-brewfest/
FABB: http://fabb-bikes.blogspot.com/2016/06/more-on-brewfest.html
ActivePW: http://activepw.org/

We promoted these routes through our social media, including Facebook, web calendar, and Twitter accounts.  I counted 15 cars at the ride start, maybe 20 riders in total, about 15 PotomacPedalers and 5 from Rob Delach ActivePrinceWlliam group, probably about half of the riders went on to the Workhouse event.  I suspect the number of riders was limited by the record heat of the day, it was pretty intense!

While we hoped for better turn-out, we accomplished several tangible achievements, including pioneering new routes in an area that had few quality cues, we helped the Workhouse Arts Center by drawing attention to their important mission and by raising funds; we built upon the relationships with FABB and ActivePW started with our June 2016 Virginia Ride Leader workshop; and finally, we raised awareness with Fairfax County Leadership on the importance of improving trail conditions.  I’m very proud of the great work our Ride Leaders did in support of this event.  Thanks guys!

Feedback from our partners:

Steve Ward, Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling (FABB):   Kudos to Potomac Pedalers. I was mostly a silent observer of their preparations and I was thoroughly impressed with the effort and care they took in developing, testing, and refining their routes. Their demonstrated experience and their concern for the riders’ safety and welfare also were outstanding. I think they will remain a valuable partner for Workhouse and given better weather and future increases in bicycling facilities in the area, they will be key in encouraging cyclists to attend Workhouse events. I’m not trying to volunteer them because that is for Dave and the club to decide, but I did want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and admiration.

Patti Stevens, Executive Director, Fairfax Office of Public Private Partnerships:  Thanks for the great feedback on the Brewfest experience of FABB and Potomac Pedalers.  I am copying Ashley Morris, Program Director for Celebrate Fairfax who produced the event and Ava Spece at the Workhouse Arts Center.   We will make sure that your feedback and suggestions are incorporated in our debrief and planning for the next Brewfest and considered for other Workhouse and Fairfax County events.   I will also forward the suggestions you made (for improving trail maintenance) to DOT and our Fairfax County Bike Coordinator.

5 Routes Overlaid on Google Maps: 

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 6.19.07 PM


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