Winter Riding Starts….December 2nd?!

by Mary Ann Bruenig

There is nothing more exhilarating than riding outside on a beautiful sunny winter day. However, cold weather, snow or ice, and limited daylight can definitely be barriers to winter riding. Are you one of the many cyclists who opt to hang-up your bike every fall? Do you miss riding over the winter months? Counting the days until spring?

How about trying something new this winter? Join your fellow cyclists who are working on their fitness and cycling skills. By next spring you’ll be ready for those challenging hills or longer rides. You may even be ready for a new ride category! There are many options for you to consider.

Go solo and invest in an in-door “trainer.” Ride on your own bike, at home, in any weather and at any time! You can ride being inspired by your favorite play list. Or you can catch-up on those mystery TV shows during your workouts. Experience a new ride course or event by downloading a cycling training video! In addition to an indoor “trainer,” must have accessories include a multi-speed fan, rear-tire skewer, and a thicker rear tire.

Grab a friend and check-out the local spinning class. Finding a class is easy, finding the right class can be an adventure. Health clubs, gyms, recreation centers, and spin studios all offer classes. Most allow you to try a class for no cost. The facilities, instruction, and intensity of the classes can vary widely. Ask other cyclists for recommendations, drop-in to observe a class, and try more than one instructor. Also you should consider trying out the spin bikes before taking a class.

Try a specialized indoor cycling classes. Some professional cycling coaches offer classes that provide for structured and challenging workouts custom-tailored to your goals, abilities, and schedule. This is usually indoor training on your own bike using specialized training systems. Often your local bike shop or fellow cyclists can make recommendations for these classes.

In December, we have the unique opportunity to experience the specialized cycling classes offered by Hefler Performance Coaching (Leesburg, Virginia). They are holding two sessions for Potomac Pedaler members in their indoor cycling studio using the CompuTrainer multi-rider system. Professional Coach Susan Hefler will guide us on the 90 minute rides and provide individualized technique tips. All rider levels are welcome. More information can be found on the monthly ride calendar.

Please share your winter riding goals and experiences by joining into the discussion!

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