Shenandoah Weekend Recap – July 2016


This past July the Shenandoah Weekend drew a larger than usual crowd as 71 cyclists descended upon Mount Jackson for the annual fun-in-the-sun-adult-summer-camp experience. Arriving Friday, hardy riders braved scorching temps with a short route that visited the Route 11 Potato Chip Factory. Even though the sizzling weekend was just getting started, the hot weather didn’t deter riders – it just meant everyone started their rides early! Riding out of the Super 8, most were on their way by 7:30 AM. Saturday’s southern route took us to the New Market Battlefield while Sunday’s western route took us up to a ridgeline and rewarded us with breathtaking, expansive views of the valley. With most riders done in early in the day, everyone beat the afternoon heat in their own way – some visited caverns, others wineries, and others decided the hotel pool was the place to be! Saturday evening we enjoyed a catered picnic under a shaded pavilion and shared our day’s adventures. It’s easy to see why this weekend is a tradition!

shenandoah2Leslee Gold and friends are all smiles!

shenandoah4“Sunday was inspirational. We got up very early and biked toward the dawn. If there is biking in heaven, I hope it is like this Sunday morning ride out to the vineyard.” – Janice Creamer

shenandoah5“Debbie McCall is a great mentor. She taught me to fly down hills in the Shenandoah Valley. Every time I ride with Debbie, I achieve another biker baby book moment and I am grateful! We always achieve more together. Here we are fresh and ready to roll!” – Janice Creamer


A local produce farmer gave Janice a friends a little shelter and local stories while they fixed a few flat tires!

shenandoah8Photo by Janice Creamer.

Joan Salute and Lori Polonsky

The Shenandoah Weekend isn’t complete without a trip to visit TC and Shenandoah Vinyards.

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