What’s New at the #BackRoadsCent Rest Stops and After-Ride Party for 2016?

by Brenda Ruby

A memorable part of everyone’s #BackRoadsCent ride is the food and entertainment found at each of our five rest stops and the Bellevue Estate afterride party destination.  Thinking about the goodies and comforts of the next stop always motivates us to keep going until we complete our goal!  This year, we return the best of the best, while still managing to improve our rest stop venues.

What’s New at the Rest Stops for 2016?

Everyone gets to stop at the Yankauer Nature Preserve. Managed by the Potomac Valley Audubon Society, the Preserve is an amazing natural setting on the bluffs of the Potomac River.

Bringing Back the Best of the Best!

  • Our world famous Tomato Sandwiches!  It just wouldn’t be a #BackRoadsCent without our popular sammies.
  • We’ll be serving fresh delicious Boiled Potatoes, just as we’ve done in prior years.
  • A fantastic Post-Ride Party at the historic Bellevue Estate overlooking the Potomac River with lots of refreshments.
  • LIVE MUSIC playing from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm featuring a variety of sounds such as bluegrass, blues, jazz, and more.
  • Rita’s Italian Ice will be waiting for you at the Post-ride Celebration.
  • Showers and towels after the ride at the Shepherd University Wellness Center
  • Our fantastic Volunteers who’ll greet you with a smile!

Rest Stop Details

Please review your cue sheet for the distance you plan to ride and note the name and location of your rest stops. Rides will stop at different rest stops, depending upon which distance you choose.  Our featured items are highlighted in Red.

Route Description Details

Learn about out the 2 Saturday Routes and 5 Sunday Route on our Ride Preview blog.

Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Time, Distance and Routes:BRC_JeffCo

Food, Drinks and Facilities

  • Bagels, PB&J, fruit, energy bars, water & energy drinks
  • Pavilion or stage area
  • Restrooms
  • Mechanical support on-site

Moulton Park

Time, Distance and Routes

 Food, Drinks and Facilities

  • Bagels, PB&J, fruit, energy bars, additional snacks, water & energy drinks
  • Port-Potties
  • Mechanical support on-site

Clearbrook Park (Clear Brook, VA)

Time, Distance and Routes  brc_reststop_clearbrook_park

 Food, Drinks and Facilities

  • PB&J, fruit, vegetables, additional snacks, water & energy drinks available
  • Shelter area, restrooms available
  • Mechanical support on-site

Henry Arena

Time, Distance and Routes brc_rest stop_henry areana.png

 Food, Drinks and Facilities

  • PB&J, fruit, vegetables, other snacks, energy drink & water
  • World famous tomato sandwiches
  • Live music playing 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM, bluegrass
  • Porta potties, restroom facilities, concession stand available for additional purchases
  • Mechanical support on-site

 Live Music (10:30 AM – 2:30 PM)

  • Todd Coyle – Todd Coyle is a journeyman musician whose been playing tin the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia for over 30 years. Todd has played all over the country with rock, blues, country and jazz bands. A veteran singer/songwriter with three albums under his belt, Todd spends his musical time writing, recording, producing and performing. Todd is also very active in the community and raises awareness for Save Darfur, The Appalachian Trail, The Charles Town Farmers Market, and many other non-profit/good causes.

  • Ed Barney – not a singer-songwriter, but an interpreter of songs. Ed blends blues, soul, and classic rock with folk and bluegrass to produce a unique sound on familiar songs. Ed blends intricate guitar work and soulful vocals to produce a sound that is pleasing and interesting for the listener. Hailed by trade publication Bluegrass Unlimited as an “outstanding” flatpicking bluegrass guitarist, Ed brings the same artistry to his solo performances. Ed was lead guitarist for the bluegrass band “Patent Pending” for 18 years, recording three albums and adding much to their sound. With the group Stoney Creek, Ed lent his vocal and guitar work to form a tight unit lauded for their traditional bluegrass sound (“mainstream bluegrass at its best” – Bluegrass Unlimited).

Yankauer Nature Preserve

Time, Distance and Routes

Food, Drinks and Facilities

  • PB&J, fruit, vegetables, other snacks, energy drink & water
  • Fresh boiled potatoes
  • Porta potties, room with air conditioning available
  • Mechanical support on-site

Bellevue Estate – After-ride Party

Time, Distance and RoutesBRC_rest stop_Bellevue Estate.jpg

  • Completion of all routes
  • Open for riders starting at 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Gorgeous setting on historic property overlooking the Potomac River

Food, Drinks and Facilities

 Live Music (12:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

  • Chelsea McBee Trio    A girl and her banjo…oh the possibilities!

    “Chelsea McBee’s style of voice plays wonderfully into her roots-sounding mantra, all while maintaining her loyalty to a clear country music-bred background. Or, in other words, think about what it would be like if Norah Jones and Dolly Parton could have a daughter and that daughter just happened to grow up in West Virginia.”
    – Colin McGuire, Frederick News Post

    For the last 6 years, McBee has been touring and recording and is quickly gaining popularity. Born and raised in Shepherdstown, WV, McBee quotes the old-time WV banjo tunes that she learned as major influences in her style of playing and her songwriting. She began playing claw-hammer banjo in the summer of 2005 and has been working on traditional tunes as well as writing original songs since then. Her unique, inviting voice pairs well with the distinctive sound of her 5-string. Chelsea McBee and The Random Assortment consists of McBee on banjo, Ben Witman on mandolin, Jeremy Rodgers on upright bass.

  • The Speakeasy Boys

    The Speakeasy Boys, Shepherdstown’s favorite good times band, started out as a group of local musicians who simply like to get together and play music. You’ll hear them play bluegrass, old time, country, rock-a-billy, jug band, country and western, hillbilly, ragtime, and occasionally, when the spirit moves, they’ll play something different. After about two years of getting together to play bluegrass along the banks of the Potomac River near Packhorse Ford, they decided to start performing in front of an audience. Instead of the usual barrel fire of barbeque chicken and fish, they moved their jam to a local pub in 2003, where they played every other Tuesday night for nearly a year. Nowadays, they play a wide variety of venues, including pubs, clubs, theaters, festivals, parades, local events and private parties.

Shepherd University Wellness Center


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