Kid’s Rodeo

by Peter Klosky

On April 23rd, Potomac Pedalers members, in cooperation with others, held a bicycle safety rodeo at North Springfield elementary school. The untimely death of Mark Slough, a Virginia Tech student from North Springfield who died from injuries sustained when he was cycling and struck by a car driver, helped motivate the event. Despite rain, the event was fun and productive.

Several organizations worked together to make the event happen. North Springfield Civic Association officers Scott Pratt and Skip Chaples, who is also local scoutmaster, worked with Peter Klosky, PPTC ride leader, to set up the safety course. Susan Payne, a PPTC member who has been studying cycle repair and instructing youth mechanics at Phoenix Bikes, did bike safety checks. PPTC members Farshad Rowshandel, Woody Lipinski and Joan & Chuck Feerick all helped out with the event. Fairfax Schools and police helped with many aspects of the event. School Board members attended, the Annandale HS student choir presented the National Anthem.

This coming together will help foster harmony and safety in North Springfield, a neighborhood the club uses multiple times weekly. Plans are underway to repeat the event just after school starts in Fall.


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